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Glaucoma is an alarming eye disease because of its potential to result in blindness. Our eye doctor in Conroe, TX, stresses that the best way to begin early treatment is early diagnosis. That is why we conduct regular glaucoma screenings at Avery Eye Clinic. Read on to learn more about this condition and how it is treated.


Overview of Glaucoma

Since there is no cure for glaucoma, the treatment objective is always to preserve as much vision as possible. Our optometrist notes that the cause of this condition is a buildup of excessive pressure on the optic nerve.

A patient could experience the disorder in just one eye or both. When both eyes are affected, the disease might be worse in one than in the other. The main types of glaucoma are open-angle, which is the more common, and angle-closure.

Part of a glaucoma screening includes looking for symptoms such as eye pain, headaches, peripheral vision loss, cloudy-looking eyes, perception of halos around lights, and blurry vision. Unfortunately, many patients receive a diagnosis only when the disease is advanced. A family history of the disorder, certain ethnic backgrounds, specific medical conditions, and being 40 or older all increase the risk of developing this condition.

What to Expect During Glaucoma Screening

During a glaucoma screening, our optometrist looks for changes in the appearance of the patient’s optic nerve, a loss of vision, and a loss of nerve tissue. The exam includes:

  • Evaluating patient health history
  • Measuring visual acuity
  • Measuring internal eye pressure via tonometry
  • Performing pachymetry to measure the thickness of the cornea
  • Conducting visual field testing
  • Evaluating the retina
  • Other supplemental tests that vary per patient

Treatment Options

After a positive diagnosis, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan from our practice. Optimal results for lowering pressure on the optic nerve occur with early diagnosis and treatment. Prescription eye drops are a mainstay of treatment. For some patients, laser or other surgery might be a recommended therapy. In these cases, our optometrist can provide patients with both pre-and post-surgical care.

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