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Avery Eye Clinic in Conroe, Huntsville, and The Woodlands, TX, specializes in treating optometry conditions and prescribing eyeglasses and contacts. Each eye doctor at our clinic is highly skilled and can help you choose the correct eyewear.

Prescription eyeglasses and contacts are essential to your eye health and vision. You need clear vision for reading, sports, driving, and general use. We have eyeglasses for everyone in the family, from infants to seniors.

Lenses serve various purposes, such as refraction, durability, light sensitivity, and scratch resistance. Discuss these options with your eye doctor. 


Types of Lenses

The following is a list of a few types of lenses for eyeglasses:

  • Single-vision
  • Bifocals
  • Trifocal
  • Transition
  • Progressive
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Prism
  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical

Selecting the Right Eyeglass Frames

Your eyeglasses are vital for eye health and improved eyesight, but the other important aspect is that they look good on you. The optometry staff at Avery Eye Clinic understands your need to feel good in your eyeglasses. We carefully measure and fit the frames that suit your style. We include the various face shapes and the correct fit below:

Square Face

A square face has a prominent jawline and wide chin, forehead, and cheekbones. A great choice of frames makes the face seem longer and softer.

Oval Face

An oval face has a narrow chin and a prominent forehead with higher cheekbones. A nice selection of frames for this face should align with the brow line, such as rectangular or diamond-shaped frames.

Oblong Face

For an oblong face shape characterized by long and narrow proportions, choose wider frames with a strong horizontal element to create the illusion of width. Rectangular or square frames add balance and make your face appear shorter.

Round Face

Choose angular or rectangular frames to add definition and balance if you have a round face shape with soft curves and equal length and width. Frames that best suit this face shape make a face appear longer and avoid curved features.

Heart-shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a pointed chin, a broad forehead, and higher cheekbones. An excellent choice of frames for this face should be wider at the bottom. Rimless or light-colored frames can also work well to minimize the width of the forehead.

Base-down Triangle Face

A base-down triangle face has a broad chin and a narrower forehead. A perfect selection for this face shape should have bold accents at the top.

Diamond-shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face has high cheekbones with a narrower jawline. The best choice of frames for this face type is a set with an oval shape. Look for frames with distinctive brow lines or cat-eye shapes.

Your Best Eyeglasses are at Avery Eye Clinic

Avery Eye Clinic in Conroe, TX, offers the highest-quality eyeglasses and frames in The Woodlands, Huntsville, and the surrounding area. We will customize your selection to fit your fashion, style, and personality.

Call our optometry staff at (936) 539-4500, email us, or use our online appointment request form. Today is the day to begin the journey to better eyesight and a brand-new pair of trendy frames.

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